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 Stryker SR955

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Bob's CB Shop
21232 Route 322
Strattanville, PA 16258

Located Across
The Road From
The All American
Plaza I-80 Exit 70

Last update: 08/21/14
Welcome To Bob's CB. CB Radio, 10 Meter Radio and Wireless specialists. 44 Years Servicing CB & 10 Meter Radios.
On I-80 Exit 70



President Licoln II IN STOCK
President Lincoln II 10-Meter Radio

Stryker SR-497HPC Stryker SR-655HPC Stryker SR-995HPC 10 Meter Radio
Stryker SR-497HPC
Stryker SR-655HPC
Stryker SR-955HPC

Telex has sold the Turner brand to DAS, a truck stop electronics distributor. Their first two batches of microphones are not acceptable to our standards. As a result we no longer sell the RK-56 microphones. We have been told the company that made the element for Telex either went out of business or no longer makes the element. This is what made the RK-56 the best sounding noise cancelling microphone on the market, which justified the price. Now the Road King look alike mics sound better at less than half the price. If you have an older RK-56 you can identify it by looking at the back cover. It says TELEX TURNER. If it only says TURNER, you have one of the new mics and we can't improve the sound quality. If you have an original TELEX, don't get rid of it. We can repair any failures, except for the element. Element failure is rare.
 We have repaired Road Kings that were in excess fo 20 years old.

We hope they bring the microphone back to it's original quality, until then call us for our other quality noise cancelling mics or repair your old RK-56.

Microphone Service

7 Color combinations at a push of a button. $259.95





Made In USA



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Mic Adaptors: 6-pin to 4-pin, 5-pin to 4-pin, and 4-pin to 4-pin
Now Use A Standard 4-pin Cobra Wired Mic With Other Radios Such As RCI 6-pin, AR-3300 & 3500 4-pin, Cobra/Uniden SSB 5-pin, HR 2510/2600/Lincoln 5-pin, and 5-pin din.
These adaptors are only $5.95 each.
We support our troops.
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