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Since the inception of CB radio, when the FCC took the 11 Meter band from the Amateur Radio community in the 1950s, the equipment and uses have evolved over the years. From those old days when you could hear a pin drop on your AM CB rig to today when you tune in SSB stations from all over the world. Wow... has it changed!

I got the bug; at age 7, when I heard the local ham operator coming over my new Channel Master standard broadcast AM transistor radio. At age 12 I found out about CB radio and got a Radio Shack 100 MW walkie-talkie as a gift and progressed to a Lafayette Comstat 9, which I built from a kit. Since then I couldn't tell you how many CB radios I've owned. I can say, I bought and sold so many CB rigs it became a business by the time I was 16 years old.

I've enjoyed CB radio over the years. The pride of a great sounding base station or mobile unit was everyone's goal. It was and still is the constant desire of most of us to have the loudest, best sounding station on the air. For over thirty years I've been upgrading customer's radios, microphones and accessories for optimum performance. Supplying customers with the best combinations of equipment for their particular purpose has made Bob's CB the place to go for the very best performance.

Over the years Bob's CB was among the very first to carry radios like the Tram D201, CPI-300, CPI-400, CPI 2000, Stoner Pro-40, Robyn and more. If you're new to CB radio you probably don't recognize the names, but a seasoned CBer or 11 Meter operator will tell you these radios were and remain among the most sought after radios today. Some of which I only recommend to those who don't mind spending a great deal of money on maintenance and repair, as parts are scarce, tubes are of a lesser quality and don't last as long as they did in the old days.

Today radios have improved with the addition of more capabilities being designed into the product. But in some areas the radios have not improved. One area is the receiver. Although many receivers have better sensitivity these days, they don't have the selectivity of the older radios. Sensitivity is the radios ability to receive weak signals and selectivity is the radios ability to reject unwanted off channel information. These newer designs incorporate less expensive broader band filters that don't do a great job filtering adjacent channel interference (splash or bleed-over). The Tram, CPI, Stoner and even the Robyn radios had tighter filters. Also the receiver stages were designed with selectivity as the premier feature in mind. This is why we carry kits, to improve the equipment you have or the new equipment you're about to purchase. Bob's CB has transmitter kits to improve your transmission quality and receiver kits to improve your receiver specifications.

As in the old days, Bob's CB continues to carry state of the art communications equipment such as CB radios, 10 Meter radios, microphones, frequency counters, power meters, SWR meters, modulation meters, mobile antennas, base antennas, sound modules, sound recorders, echo microphones, and echo boards.

Our products list is vast and many names you will recognize, others you may not. We are a proud supplier for Anttron, Astatic, Cobra, Connex, FireStik, Francis, Galaxy, General, Magnum, Ranger, RCI, RF Limited, Stryker, Uniden, Wilson Antenna, and weBoost (Wilson Electronics).

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Inside Store

We carry a vast inventory including Cobra CB radios, Galaxy CB Radios, Uniden CB radios, new and used CB radios, Browning CB antennas, FireStik CB antennas, Francis CB antennas, Hustler CB antennas, Monkey Made CB antennas, Tram CB antennas, Wilson 2 Meter radio, 10 meter radio & CB radio antennas, Flat Coil CB radio antennas, fiberglass CB radio, AM/FM stereo antennas, stainless steel CB radio , 10 meter radio, AM/FM stereo antennas, Connex 10 Meter radio, Galaxy 10 Meter radio, General 10 Meter Radio, Magnum 10 Meter radio, Ranger (RCI) 10 Meter radio, and Super Star 10 Meter radio products, road cases, xm, Browning XM radio antennas,  Pioneer stereo, Pioneer speakers, Pioneer XM radio, Pioneer navigation systems, stainless steel antenna mirror mounts, radio mounting brackets, SWR meters, Power Meters, modulation meters, digital power meters, motorcycle helmet headsets,  motorcycle communications system, snowmobile headset, snowmobile radio and helmet headset, radar detector, scrambler, Gearkeeper, slip-seat boxes, CB power cords, filtered power cord, on-glass CB radio & scanner antennas, jeweled knobs, nitro-knobs, lighted knobs, LED meter lights, fading meter lights, flashing meter lights, disco meter lights, white LED, blue LED, Red LED, green LED and much more.